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Delegation from Tajikistan visited Professional Consulting Group
Presentation at UN ECE WPLA workshop in Cavtat, Croatia
Assistance to IDPs

PCG staff are professional lawyers, economists, surveyors, architects, project managers and other specialists having expertise in working at state and private organizations, as well as donors funded Projects
Central office   
David Egiashvili LL.M., Ph.D   Founder
Beka Chantladze   Director-Chief Land and Real Estate Management Unit
Ekaterine Petriashvili   manager
Shako Gociridze   surveyor
Zura Chigolashvili   architect
Natia Barnabishvili   Architect
Tatia Mamulashvili-Chkeidze   architect
Anzor Meskhishvili   Chief Consultant
Leila Mamukashvili   Lawyer-Consultant
Poti Branch   
Keti Tsotsonava   Consultant